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Special Letter to Malaysians (Part 4)

My fellow Malaysians,

As mentioned in my previous writings, it is time for Mahathir to leave the political scene and we Malaysians must revolt against him, pressure him to leave and must not rest until he leaves.

It is unfortunate that Malaysians have been deprived of correct information on what is happening in our society lately. Our media - electronic or print - have only been telling the public what Mahathir wants to listen. Our media completely blacked out foreign news about our country. Let me tell you of what has been given wide coverage abroad.

1. Prime Minister Howard of Australia twice attacked Mahathir for detaining Anwar and by doing so is inching towards authoritarianism and dictatorship. Mahathir responded by saying Howard is also a dictator.

2. President Joseph Estrada of the Philippines made an off-the-cuff statement criticising Mahathir's handling of his friend, Anwar. The statement was fully supported by senior senators of the Philippines Congress who believed that the Philippine nation should stand up against Mahathir and urged other countries not to keep quiet under the cloak of Asian values.

3. President Habibie of Indonesia has also voiced concern of the way Mahathir handled Anwar's case. He said one should not forget of Anwar's great contribution to Malaysia. He said he would consult parliament whether to attend the APEC summit in Malaysia.

4. The New York Times in its editorial note urged Clinton to openly demand in KL the release of Anwar when he attends the next APEC meeting in KL.

5. People are regularly protesting in KL in open defiance of Mahathir and the police but this is not reported in any of our country's media. People demonstrate in Merdeka Square, a few times in mosques and in front of Istana Negara and Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. All these are shown clearly by CNN, TCS, BBC, etc but never showed in Malaysia. We can easily conclude that support for Anwar is gaining momentum despite a total blackout by our controlled media.

6. All mosques in the four provinces in Southern Thailand performed Solat-al-Hajat praying for Anwar's safety and victory. This news was splashed all over the world.

7. All major newspapers in the world give a daily coverage on the situation in Malaysia and the essence of the news is very clear i.e.
i. Mahathir is arrogant, authoritarian and unjust
ii. Anwar is innocent and victimised by Mahathir's political vindictiveness
iii. Mahathir is afraid of facing Anwar in next year's UMNO General Assembly
iv. Mahathir has brought worldwide shame to the country
v. Despite Mahathir's apparent humility, he exhibits a lust for power similar to Marcos and Suharto.

My fellow Malaysians, I know it is not easy for you to go to the street with the present state of fear in Malaysia. But you can do something to show your anger and rejection of Mahathir and that is to spread my series of letters to as many people as possible.

Reformasi. Reformasi. Reformasi.