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Posted Monday, October 5, 1998


With the current political development in Malaysia getting from bad to worst, it is important for us, the rakyat to demonstrate how we feel and inspire for a democratic government where justice prevails for everyone. What we need is REFORM!!. We want reformation in the administration and leadership of the ruling party and the government. We need to show to Malaysians, UMNO and the world, that the majority of Malaysians want Mahathir and his cronies to step down!!, therefore we must show it in numbers !

I’m sure many Malaysians are sick of Mahathir and his cronies but there is no avenues for them to let it out except at kedai kopi, for fear of being caught under the draconian ISA. We need to be united, disciplined and focussed in our plans so as to achieve a great impact. It is important for us to pressure the government for change! If we choose to be passive and tolerate the authocratic government, like it or not everyone will suffer : Politically - the split in UMNO and the weakening of the BN and risk UMNO as the dominant ruling party, which will certainly lead to another 13th May, eg look at Fiji Economically - international sanctions eg Myanmar.

Are you willing to take the risk just for one person ? Do you think Malaysia cannot do without Mahathir?? We need to do demonstration in a peaceful manner, effective and successful. Meaning we will be able to express and demonstrate our needs in great numbers without having to get caught, beaten and lose our leaders. We can’t afford to lose our leaders every time we do street demonstration or ceramah. Be prepared to continue for a long and hard struggle, for Mahathir and his cronies are now prepared to do anything under the earth and the most unthinkable as they are desperate to keep in power becuase if they lose power, they will go to Jail!. Therefore we need to do the Reformasi convoy !!!!!!!!!!!

The reasons that this convoy will be successful :

Police will not be able to stop it, even if they close certain roads as they will not be able to close all road. If they close city areas, we will convoy outside the various cities.

There is no leader for them to detain.

The number of cars and motorcycles in convoy will create a maximum impact of situation. The road system will collapse, thus creating a pressure from the rakyat and the business community.

Police will not be able to use force as we will only be using or marching the road. We certainly do not require permit for this. Similar strategy has been used in France, Germany and it was successful to give pressure to the government.

REFORMASI CONVOY. Join The World’s Biggest Vehicle Convoy in the History of Modern World Peaceful Demonstration in urging Dr. Mahathir to step down and release DS Anwar.

Date : Saturday 10th October 1998

Time : Convoy start 4.00 p.m. till 7.00 p.m.

Destination : Dataran Merdeka and all other city and town centres throughout the country!

Please take note of the following:

1. All reformasi supporters and the rakyat are welcome to join the convoy (all vehicles including motorcycles).

2. Destination - all cities and town centres throughout the country. All vehicles should go towards the suggested locations and circle the city centres and the surrounding areas as follows:

KL - Dataran merdeka

Shah Alam - Masjid Negeri Kelang - Great Wall Supermarket

Penang - Komtar Kedah – Stadium Alor Setar

Perlis - Kangar

Perak - Stadium, Ipoh

N.Sembilan - Lake Garden Seremban

Malacca - Bandar Hilir

Johor - Pantai Lido, JB

Pahang - Kompleks Teruntum, Kuantan

Terengganu - Batu Burok, K.Terengganu

Kelantan - Stadium, Kota Bharu

Sarawak - Waterfront, Kuching

Sabah - Masjid Negeri

3. Other towns – vehicles should march towards roads leading to the MPs, Mentri Besar’s residences or the main mosques or wherever is appropriate.

4. If the abovementioned locations are blocked by the police, please flock to the nearby surrounding areas, but remember, EVERYONE HAS TO BE TOGETHER. SPEED LIMIT – 40 KM/HR .

5. All vehicles are to switch on your head lights and sound your horns (except school & hospital areas), bring national flag, Reformasi stickers, your food, drink and DS Anwar’s ceramah cassette.

6. This convoy will be initiated as of SATURDAY 10 OCTOBER 1998. It has to be done at least twice a week – that is every Saturday and Sunday (time: 4p.m. to 7 p.m.).

7. This REFORMASI convoy will then create the biggest vehicle convoy in the world! (we can be part of the Guinness Record) and certainly do our nation and leaders (especially Mahathir) proud of being the first, biggest, tallest etc. Lets beat the Mahathir supporters in Bukit Jalil….. and of course they will definitely obtain the permit.

Please print and circulate to everyone to get the fullest participation.

To all Webmaster, please put this in your websites and all other DS Anwar site.

Thank you very much and HIDUP REFORMASI !!!!